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Costs for routine procedures



For routine procedures we offer a fixed price service. This includes all treatment from the initial consultation to medication at discharge from the hospital.

A guide of our normal prices (including VAT):


Cranial Cruciate Ligament Rupture

TPLO    Unilateral, <30kg  £3300
TPLO    Unilateral, 30 to 50kg  £3600
TPLO Unilateral >50kg £4000-4500
Medial Patellar Luxation  
Unilateral, <10kg   £2000 - 2500
Unilateral, 10 to 20kg   £2500 - 3000
Unilateral, 20 to 40kg   £3000 - 3500
Pancarpal Arthrodesis <50kg £3000 - 4500
Pantarsal Arthrodesis  <50kg £3000 - 5000
Total Hip Replacement £5500 - 6500
Elbow Arthroscopy  (inc. CT)  
Unilateral £2950
Bilateral £3300
Typical Fracture Repair, simple £2500 - 4000
Typical Fracture Repair, complex  From £3500
CT scan single region £600
First consultation £200
Recheck, including sedation and  radiography £350


We provide a fixed price quote for the cost of treatment during the consultation. Exact prices are specific to individual patients. Please contact us for prices of other procedures.



Royal Sun Alliance (RSA) insurance underwriters "preferred referral network."


For some insurance policies underwritten by Royal Sun Alliance, RSA has decided to impose a £200 penalty on insured pet owners who make their own choice for veterinary treatment in a Specialist referral clinic rather than in a clinic that is within the "preferred referral network," many of which are not Specialist veterinary facilities. At EoEVetS, we guarantee that all our patients are examined, investigated and operated on only by RCVS Recognised Veterinary Specialists.


We have chosen not to engage with the RSA insurance underwriters "preferred referral network”. We will gladly pay the £200 penalty for our clients affected by this commercial decision taken by Royal Sun Alliance.





For clients with pet insurance seeking to make a direct claim, we will undertake a pre-authorisation agreement with your insurer for you, prior to your appointment. Otherwise, clients may be asked to pay a deposit equal to 50% of the cost of  treatment prior to admission.


All bills must be settled in full at the time of discharge from the hospital, by cash, debit or credit card. We do not accept cheques.



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