Information for Pet Owners

At East of England Veterinary Specialists, the care of your pet is our top priority. 

With our philosophy based on providing expert care, we give you quality veterinary orthopaedic expertise.  All routine cases are on a fixed price basis (consultation, investigation, surgery and routine postoperative medication). Re-examination and follow-up x-rays are charged in addition. This transparency gives you the peace of mind to focus on your much-loved pet getting better, instead of worrying about rising bills.   

Our hospital in South Cambridgeshire is run by Martin Owen and Mark Bush – two of the most experienced and qualified small animal veterinary orthopaedic surgeons in the country, who have worked in some of the busiest veterinary hospitals in the UK.  We are one of only a very small number of small animal orthopaedic veterinary referral clinics in the UK that can promise that 100% of cases will be assessed, investigated, managed and operated by a Recognised Specialist.

As a referral-only practice, if you would like to bring your pet to us, you will need to speak with your vet, who will make a referral on your behalf.  

How can I get an appointment at East of England Vets?

We are a referral-only practice. This means we must receive a referral from your local vet before we are permitted to see your pet or discuss their condition.

In most circumstances, your local vet will arrange your referral to East of England Veterinary Specialists. You may also request your vet to arrange a referral for your pet to us, should you wish. It is your pet, so it is your choice who will treat them.

What will happen at my appointment?

Mark Bush or Martin Owen, will discuss your pet’s condition with you, before examining them. 

If necessary, we will then recommend further investigation, which may include taking x-rays in addition to any images already taken at your own vets prior to referral. In some cases, it may also involve sampling and analysis of joint fluid, or occasionally a biopsy. Rarely, other tests, such as ultrasound or MRI may be needed, which may be arranged externally. 

Once tests have been completed, results are reviewed and a treatment plan will be recommended. 

If surgery is required, we will explain the procedure, any potential risks involved and the aftercare required. We are happy to answer any questions that you have. 

We normally perform straight forward surgical procedures on the day of the consultation, and in most cases, your pet will be ready to go home the same day.

In some circumstances and for some conditions, surgery may not be appropriate for your pet, and we may recommend a non-surgical treatment course instead. 

At all times, you are in control of your pet’s investigation and treatment.

Are you experts in feline (cat) orthopaedics too?

Yes, in fact, at East of England Veterinary Specialists, we have been awarded the prestigious Cat Friendly Clinic Silver Award.

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What is a RCVS Recognised Specialist?

RCVS Specialist status is not easily achieved. All RCVS Specialists must;

  • hold a postgraduate qualification at Diploma level or above 
  • have national and international acclaim
  • demonstrate an active, ongoing contribution to the profession through publishing scientific papers in journals, speaking at conference talks and undertaking continuous professional development (CPD)
  • be available for referral by other veterinary colleagues
  • reapply for recognition every 5 years (or earlier) to maintain their name on the Specialist List. 

Qualifications explained…

  • MRCVS: All veterinary surgeons practising in the UK must be registered members of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS).
  • BVSc/VetMB: In order to qualify for RCVS membership vets must hold a recognised veterinary degree. Currently, eight UK Universities award such degrees; Liverpool & Bristol- BVSc, Cambridge – VetMB, Edinburgh – BVM&S, Glasgow – BVMS, London – BVetMed and Nottingham – BVMBVS.
  • BSc/MA: On the way to becoming vets, some choose to spend an extra year studying! This will award them a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree.
  • PhD: Some vets have undertaken a Doctorate degree and earned the title Dr. Recently the RCVS changed the rules and now all vets may title themselves Dr, should they so wish. 
  • Certificates – CertSAS: Years ago the RCVS offered certificates in specific disciplines (Small Animal Surgery, Small Animal Medicine etc). The RCVS has tried to simplify all of this and now just offers a more general certificate in Advanced Veterinary Practice (CertAVP), which covers many aspects of general practice. A certificate is evidence that a vet has studied beyond their university degree final exams and has achieved competence in a clinical discipline. Certificates are intended to be qualifications achievable by general practitioner vets. Certificate holders are not Specialists, and may not call themselves Specialists but they may register as Advanced Practitioners.
  • Diplomas – DSAS, Dip. ECVS: Diplomas are the highest level of veterinary qualification, and veterinary diplomats have trained and achieved expertise equivalent to that of a consultant in human health care. A veterinary diplomat has trained full-time in that discipline for 3 years or part-time for the equivalent period. The ECVS diploma covers both small animal soft tissue surgery and orthopaedic surgery. The RCVS DSAS (Orth) diploma is purely in small animal orthopaedics. You can be confident that a vet with a diploma has passed the most rigorous training programme and examinations. Diplomats are entitled to apply for “Specialist” status.

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What if my pet has a complication after surgery?

We are confident that by working in partnership with you, we will work together to the very highest standards in order to minimise the chances of your pet developing a complication, such as an infection or an implant – related problem. Sadly, complications can still happen and in these circumstances we work to resolve them quickly and with minimal stress. The cost of treating a complication is not included in our original price, however we will work on a significantly reduced fee when managing a complication. We don’t seek to make a profit out of a complication.