Data Protection and Privacy Policy

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Compliance Document for East of England Veterinary Specialists Ltd

Client data

How and where is the data stored and who has access to it?

We (East of England Veterinary Specialists Ltd) keep a data register of all of our cases. The register is in the form of a proprietary software package; VetIT Practice Management Software. The register is stored on a remote server, managed by VetIT 2Sys Ltd.

  • The data will be controlled by Mark Bush and Martin Owen, who can be contacted at the address below, or using
  • The register can be accessed and processed by all MRCVS and RVN personnel employed by East of England Veterinary Specialists Ltd and by employees of VetIT 2Sys Ltd for maintenance of the practice management system. 

What details do we store and why do we store it?

1. Pet owner details

Pet owner personal data

With consent, this register contains the name, address, telephone number and email address of the registered owner(s) of the pet. This is stored by us (East of England Veterinary Specialists Ltd) for the legitimate performance of our work and this includes for the purpose of directly contacting pet owners to update them with the progress of treatment of their pet whilst it remains under our care and contacting pet owners to follow-up and assess our treatment once their pet has been discharged. Communication may be sent via telephone, post or electronic means depending on the contact details held. This data will be held for a minimum of seven years after the final appointment date. We may retain data for longer than this, up to a maximum of 20 years, due to the life expectancy of pets, and we may want to contact pet owners for long term follow-up and to make an assessment of our treatment. You may contact us after seven years from the date of your final appointment and request that your data be erased. 

Pet owner financial data

Where necessary, financial data may comprise insurance details or credit/debit card details, which will be stored for the performance of a contract. This information will be stored securely. This data will not be stored electronically. This data can only be accessed by the data controllers named above. This data will be destroyed within 48 hours of collection.

2. Referring Veterinary Surgeons personal and veterinary practice details

With consent, this data comprises the individual referring veterinary surgeon’s name, the practice name and address, practice telephone number and practice email address. This will be stored on the VetIT register to allow us to update the referring veterinary surgeons with the progress of the pets referred. 

Also, we will contact referring vets to provide material detailing the services offered by us to facilitate the treatment of pets under their care, and to invite members of the practice to attend CPD and/or other events organised by us. Communication may be sent via telephone, post or electronic means depending on the contact details held. Referring veterinary surgeons may request not to receive any information about the services offered by us. Referring veterinary surgeon data will be stored until a written request is received to erase the data. 

Further points

  • Clients may request a copy of all the data we hold on them, by submitting a request in writing. All such requests will be dealt with within a month of receiving the request.
  • Client data may be shared with insurance companies for the performance of a contract. Client data will not be shared with, sold to or transferred to any other parties.
  • The legal basis for processing client data is that it is necessary for the legitimate performance of our work. If you have any other questions about how or why this information is stored or used, please contact us in writing.